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Well, it took me a whole month before I felt the need to make this post but here we are. This last week was not what I wanted it to be diet wise. Let me first start off by going back in time. I have tried many, many times to start these fad diets and crazy goal diets. 100% of which ended in failure. I would set some crazy goal and when that goal was inevitably broken, the whole week would be lost. The saying 'well, I'll start fresh again next week' would come up often.

Now we come to this last week. My goal starting the week was simply to follow my 1750 calorie, no fast/junk food rules. Simple and not too burdensome. I must admit that these rules were broken 3 different times during the last week. Once with pizza and twice with Tim Hortons. There is really no excuse for it; I had a goal and a promise to myself and I broke it. In the past when I would mess up, it wouldn't be for just the one meal. I would go crazy, eat whole bags of chips/packs of cookies: far too many calories. At least this week, when I messed up it was just for the one meal; it didn't cause me to go to the store and fill myself full of 1000s of calories. I fully understand a 2000 calorie medium pizza can never be considered a healthy diet meal, but it is all that I ate that day. While I shouldn't have had the food in the first place, I was, at least, able to show some self-restraint after the fact.

So where does this all put me today? Well, while I likely didn't lose any weight last week; I also likely didn't gain any either. It also leaves me a bit discouraged; I mean, it has only been one month and already I must admit temporary defeat. That being said, it also leaves me motivated, motivated to have a much better week this week. I will likely butcher this, but there is a saying that goes something like: 'The mark of a successful life is not never failing, failing is inevitable, success comes from learning from your failings and growing from them.'

We all have areas in which we want to see positive growth. For me those are currently my weight loss journey and my walk with God. These will likely be different in your life. Regardless of what the goal is, we must learn from our mistakes and grow as a result. You and I will never be perfect at anything; perfection is not in our nature. It took me a while to understand this; unfortunately, failure, like Thanos, is inevitable. I now have this week as my redemption week. It's time to pull up my diet pants and hit the ground running. I will not let this failure destroy the good work that has already happened and is going to happen again. You and I must keep pressing on!

I leave you with one of my non-failure meals last week, Chicken Taco Rice bowl with fresh Pico de Gallo. See you Sunday for weigh in post #3!

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