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Today, I want to talk about progress and failure. The two are often very intermingled. You likely have heard some version of this phrase: "Failure is success in progress." That being said, no one is ever fully successful in something on the first try (or the hundred and 140th as you will see below), they will almost certainly fail, and it is learning and growing from that failure that can lead to success.

Weight loss last week: 3lbs

Total weight loss: 15.5lbs

From my personal struggle with weight-loss, I can attest to the battle of being successful. The past week was not the best. I stuck to my plan 4 out of 7 days. Week two and I have already tasted a bit of failure.

This time it was different though. In the past, when I would fail, no matter how big or small the failure I would just give up for the week and binge eat. Likely followed by not starting again the following week. This week, upon failure, I acknowledged that I messed up, but didn't let it shape the rest of my week. I still managed to hit my 3lb a week goal, albeit, just barely. If I had fully stuck to my plan it would have likely been at least 5lbs.

I am not unfamiliar with failure, both in this struggle and many others. I suspect you would agree with me, making meaningful change in your life is hard. I remember talking to my family doctor a couple years ago. We were discussing how I have tried and failed many times to lose weight. He told me a story about a colleague of his who had tried to quit smoking many times, every time ending in failure, except the last time, something just clicked and changed and he finally saw success. I hope and pray that this attempt is my "clicking" moment.

I hesitate to share the graph below, because it shows the depth of my failure. It includes nearly 150 weigh-ins dating back all the way to June of 2014. But I think it is important for me to share it, both for myself and for those who are struggling with their own battle.

Here you see the many times I have started and then given up (failed). There is a couple stints where I saw some decent success, but 100% of the time it always ends and reverts to failure. To be honest, I am just tired of it, tired of always failing. This week was still good, I still hit my goal, but it doesn't change the fact that I failed nonetheless.

I need this attempt to be my "clicking" moment. 8 years of attempts have left me beaten and bruised. But I truly think there is hope this time, this time is going to be different, it has to be! So as I look back on last week's failure, I am grateful that the whole week wasn't written off. I am encouraged that this week can and will be better! After all, I made a promise to you, to God and to myself, this is going to be my last first time losing weight. Time for me to get up, the count has not yet hit 10, I still have fight left in me.

Whatever you're facing, no matter how many times you have failed, know that you can find success. A bunch of small victories can lead to a huge triumph. I'm hoping we can look back in a year or even 5 years from now and see that we were finally successful. But in the meantime, failures will come, let's not let them define us anymore!

See you next Monday!

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