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The Plan!

Welcome to the first of my weekly updates! The plan is to write a post every Monday detailing something about the previous week. Once in a while I might throw in a unique topic. I will also be posting my weight loss progress with Monday morning weigh-ins in these posts. Total weight loss will be tracked as from last week's post: April, 25th, 2022.

Weight loss last week: 12.5lbs

Total weight loss: 12.5lbs

As you can see, it was an awesome week! I know 12.5lb seems like a lot (it is), but going from how I was eating to what I did last week was a huge shock to my body. I will lose quite a bit the first couple weeks, but eventually it starts to level off.

As I said in my last post, I want this to be the last time I ever have to start losing weight. Which means changing my eating and lifestyle habits and not following a fad-diet. Something that is achievable long term. I also want to give myself the best chance at success. That means starting with smaller steps in order to get accustomed to them, before making larger steps. Additionally, I want to ensure there is enough time in between these steps.

With all that being said this is my current plan until June 1st:

- Only eat between 1pm and 7pm, known as intermittent fasting.

- No fast food. Everything I eat is made at home.

- No junk food, including chips, sweets and so on. Diet Pepsi is allowed for now.

- Try and drink at least 2L of water a day.

- Try to stay below 2000 calories (except for Monday/Friday, see below).

- I am allowed to buy my lunch on Mondays from Tim Hortons.

- Friday is my cheat day (no rules to follow).

The above is a mix of drastic changes with two different reward days mixed in. I am allowing the Monday lunch/Fridays just to make it easier on myself. Like I said, small steps at first. If I follow the above, even with a bad day on Friday, I should be in excess of a 10,000 calorie deficit each week. This should translate to 3lbs a week in weight loss. Now I understand calories to pounds is not an exact science, but the point stands, 10,000 deficit calories a week is a really great start.

Intermittent fasting is not that big of a change for me, believe it or not. I normally don't eat breakfast. The hardest part about IF, for me, and maybe the whole change, is not snacking at night. It was very easy and a frequent occurrence for me to polish off a bag of chips in an evening. Cutting out chips alone, probably saved me 3000 calories a week.

Anyway, I understand the above does not constitute the most streamlined and perfect start, but it is leagues from how I was eating two weeks ago. This is only the start, each month I will look at changes that I can make to better improve my diet and lifestyle, I just needed to start somewhere.

We all need to start somewhere, no matter what our goal is. Mine is weight loss, yours might be different. So choose something small that you can change, you don't need to take a giant step, a small one will do. Know I want to see you succeed, as do many others in your life!

See you next Monday!

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