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Weigh-In #2

It's the 15th, which means weigh-in time! My first weigh-in showed 11 pounds lost, which was since I started this blog. However, going forward, I am going to use my weigh-in from June 1st as my starting point. The reason why will become clear on my next weigh-in post. From June until the start of the blog I was down 10lbs, which means up until October 1st I was down 21lbs. Now for today's weigh-in: from October 1st until this morning I lost a total of 5.6lbs. This puts me at a total of 26.5lbs lost since the June starting point. This also means that my original goal of losing 40lbs by the end of the year is now pushed to 50lbs, of which I am more than half way through!

I'll be honest, I was hoping for more. Really, I was hoping for around double what I lost: 10lbs or so. Yet I should still be proud of the near 3lbs a week I lost. If I did this for a year, that would be 150lbs in a year, which is a tremendous amount of weight to lose. That being said there are definitely a few reasons why my loss was not higher for these 2 weeks:

- THANKSGIVING. A wonderful time of year where families get together and eat far too much with some notes of thankfulness thrown in. Last weekend was not a good weekend: Friday was alright, Saturday was not horrible, Sunday, however, the food flowed. I mean how am I supposed to turn down the likes of pumpkin pie and sticky toffee pudding or stuffing and gravy? I started off the day with the intention to not go crazy and ended the day with extra dessert.

- Weight training. Recently, I started weight training again with a friend. While I am no expert on the subject, I am told muscle tends to build up quite fast when you first start weight training. This leaves the possibility that I did lose more fat then the 5.6lbs, but some of the weight loss was replaced with muscle gain, which is fine with me.

- Finally, I made a silly mistake. As I have previously posted, right now my goal is simply to eat at a caloric deficit and avoid "junk" food. I'll be honest some of my dinners are not classified as strict diet food, but they were always under my 800 calorie goal for supper. Or at least I thought they were. I came to discover yesterday that steak on average has 3 calories per gram. As you will see below, for the past few days I have been enjoying steak and rice for supper. Each of these steaks were about 350g or so, or in other words close to 1000 calories, adding in the 300 calories of rice and, yeah, I really overshot my goal. Going forward I will have to pay more attention to counting calories, and maybe slip some more vegetables in....

Considering the above, I am happy with the result of 5.6lb; it is certainly not anything to scoff at. With a few simple changes, I can see even more improvement in the future. I am looking forward to what the November 1st weigh-in has in store for me.

Speaking of November 1st, my brother and I have talked it over and we have come up with our combined long-term goal. I plan to unveil that in the November 1st weigh-in post, that means that it will finally be time to show you the numbers. Sure, one could argue my specific numbers don't matter, as long as there is a downward trend. For me, revealing these numbers is an important step in this journey. If one of the goals of this journey and blog is to be an encouragement to others, I feel like I need to be fully open in the journey. There is a huge amount of stigma and shame associated with large weight numbers and I am not immune to this shame. It is a fear I must overcome, if I am to be successful in this journey. So stay tuned for that.

As for this coming week, I plan to release a post talking about how I got to where I am in this journey. I have reviewed a couple different sources and have graphed over 130 recorded weigh-ins since June 2014. The data reveals a lot of information and trends, plus I got to use Excel (which I am an absolute nerd about). So stay tuned for that. I now leave you with a picture of the aforementioned offending steak (it was delicious). Also another quick note, a very gracious friend of mine has agreed to do some light editing of these posts so they are a bit more easily read. She is the best. Have a great weekend!

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