• Kevin Armitage

Weigh-In #3

Hey guys, sorry this post is coming a day late, I had a busy Sunday. Anyways this post is going to be short and sweet. With my mistakes in the previous week and my less than perfect last week the result of my weigh in was gaining 1 pound on the dot since October 15th. Not what I wanted, but actions have consequences, which I must learn.

Anyways, I am still waiting on one thing before I post my big weigh-in post, so that will have to wait until the November 15th weigh-in post. Speaking of which, that post will go live on November 17th, which is my birthday. My plan it to go hard and show a lot self restraint in the couple weeks leading up until then, as the 17th is always a bad day (or good depending on how you look at it) for food. I will have a mid week post sometime this week so stay tuned for that.

This is only another hurdle in this journey and not an insurmountable wall. I can get past this, I have to get past this. I have been thinking of the song below a lot recently. This song coupled with the message at church last night has enforced once again that I need to focus on a strength that is greater than mine. Have a great day and an even better week, whatever your struggle is, you got this!

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