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Weigh-In #4

Hey guys! I hope the last couple weeks have been awesome for you. Sorry I haven't been posting more, I really do have some great ideas for non-weigh in posts that I want to do. I am going to make it a goal of mine between now and my next weigh in (December 19th) to post at least once.

Anyways, let's get to why you clicked! As my previous posts pointed out I did really well in October, however from November 1st-23rd I gained 4.6lbs. Ouch, failure so soon after my start, it wasn't a good feeling. Granted, our birthday was on the 17th and that always tends to throw things for a loop with various dinners and what have you. I knew I couldn't let myself slip back into my old ways. As someone pointed out to me recently, I am not on a diet so much as a change of lifestyle. After a food-filled birthday week, my brother and I decided we wanted a challenge: from then and up until December 19th we have no formal plans for any dinners or special occasions. So we made a pact: let's do keto straight until the 19th!

Keto: the arch nemesis of my dieting. For those who don't know what a ketogenic diet is: basically, you cut back on carbs substantially. For myself, I try to stick to under 20 net carbs a day. This causes your body to burn fat as its main energy source, of which I have plenty. If done properly, keto can cause a lot of weight to fall off quickly. The issue is you basically have to give up all sugar, bread, pasta, desserts, potatoes and so on. I have probably tried at least a dozen times to follow the diet, every time ending in failure within 5 days.

Here I am writing to you on day 9 this time! What changed? Well first, my brother and aunt also doing keto with me have been huge encouragements. Secondly, we are actually making an attempt to cook a variety of different food for our meals. Some examples are: lettuce wrapped burgers, chicken pesto cauliflower bake, braised pork trotters, low carb homemade chili and so forth. I need variety when it comes to food. I think one of the main reasons I failed so many times in the past is I was trying to eat the same thing over and over. Finally, it simply has to happen, I have to lose weight.

Is it easy? No! Every day I want to break the diet and fill myself full of sweets and fast food. I have come close a couple times already, but I must resist, I must prevail. I am trying to overcome 11 years (my adult life) of poor diet and exercise. I must show discipline, and rely not on myself but on the people around me and more importantly on the God who cares for me. It is obvious that my own strength is not enough in this battle, so I must rely on the strength of others! For those wondering, I am not planning on following keto for my whole weight loss journey, right now I am using it as a serious jump-start.

Now onto the numbers. As posted above on November 23rd I was at a total of 22lbs lost towards my 50lb goal by the end of the year. Today, I am now 34lbs towards my goal, which means in just over a week I lost 12lbs. Keto works, especially at the beginning. That leaves me with 16lbs to lose in 1 month, a huge goal. Weight loss from keto will slow down, but I am encouraged. I now have the next 18 days to get through, I can do it, I must do it.

Whatever your current challenge, whatever your current struggle, take it from me, you need to rely on others. A single person cannot themselves lift a tremendous burden, but for a group of people it is easy. Rely on your group, your friends, your family, and perhaps most importantly the God who loves you.

As has become customary, I leave you with a food picture of my creation. This time it is low-carb chili.

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